Painting by Dave Warnke


The Space is a multi functional art studio located in Alameda, Ca. It is a spot where we envision a different type of artistic experience for children by rethinking art education. It is our opinion that the bar has been set too low when it comes to children's art. We are committed to creating a comprehensive education that challenges children of all ages to become free artists. We use the term "free" to describe artists that are versed in all forms of visual art, we believe the best way to understand something is to try it!

At The Space, we view traditional drawing and painting techniques the same way a poet might view spelling and grammar, or how a musician might utilize musical notes. They are learned skills, we believe it is what you do with those skills that will determine the type of artist you will become. 

We have worked very hard to develop a unique curriculum that combines studio practice with Art History in order to fully understand not only how pictures are created, but why they are made. We teach students to look at the connection between a particular artist's subject, and the style that subject was painted in. We believe artistic ideas should be developed simultaneously with the techniques needed to express them. All of our classes are designed around the concept of individual instruction, meaning a half hour or full hour each week with one of our trained teachers. We feel that much time is wasted in a larger classroom setting with multiple students, this way, each student gets the benefit of a hyper focused one on one interaction with a trained professional. Students will have a homework assignment to fulfill based on the lesson from that week, as well as a sketchbook that they will be expected to draw (and doodle) in every day.

While most children learn math, history, and science in school, art education in most public schools is essentially free time and can be very unstructured (just think about how many educated adults you know that still draw stick figures). At The Space, we are taking steps to remedy this by helping children develop the necessary skills to express themselves visually. We think art is a visual language, and we want to teach it to your kids.

Here at The Space we also believe that young artists should be encouraged and mentored by older, more experienced ones. Every instructor we hire is also a practicing artist in the field, we want to create connections between students and professionals, we will encourage students of all ages to attend our professional gallery shows, and we will encourage professional artists to attend student shows in return. 

We have a passion for art, we love kids, and we want to help create the next generation of artists.

2020   The Space