The Space Gallery is located in Alameda, CA. Our idea is to offer artists complete creative freedom with regard to the work they want to produce. Because The Space does not rely on sales for income, we can take chances with the shows and artists we represent. We want our artists to have control over their work, meaning we will work closely to support their chosen subject matter, artistic ideas, and pricing. We feel that too many galleries are tied to old, standard business models that have become outdated. Our goal is to have the highest quality work made available to everyone. Many of our shows will launch on EBAY ten days prior to the opening, offering people the opportunity to bid online, with the bidding culminating at the end of the physical opening. We envision shows that blend the virtual world with the physical, where you can be looking at a painting live, and bidding on it online simultaneously. We want to turn everyone who attends our shows into potential collectors and active participants. We will be launching a podcast, called Art Is A Verb, where we talk with the artists direct from their show, giving insight into their creative process and we will offer short audio recordings where you can hear directly from the artist's mouth about their approach and ideas regarding specific pieces. We want to put as much effort into the shows as artists put into their work. 

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