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Drew Price




Art is a Choice is an advanced college prep art class designed for 16-18 year old students. This class was created to challenge High School students and help them create a diverse art portfolio that shows a wide range of different styles. 

While it is more difficult, students in this class will work directly from life, often from a clothed model. We feel that using photography is a roadblock to learning at this stage, and while it can be used as a tool later in development, there is no substitute for direct observation. We also understand that new generations need new approaches to learning. We are constantly thinking of innovative ideas to make learning more engaging for young artists. Everything from utilizing current technology to tinkering with the amount of time a model poses between breaks is designed to keep the students engaged.

During this course, we will encourage experimentation with regards to different materials, styles, and subjects. The class will culminate with a professional group show at The Space, where the students will attend their opening along with parents, friends, gallery owners and professional artists from the Bay Area. Kevin Moore, founder of The Space and full time professor at the Academy of Art University in SF, will conduct a final portfolio review for all students who complete this course. 

2020   The Space