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T-Rex, oil painting
Kevin Moore, oil painting

Art is a Verb is an introductory art class designed for 8-12 year old students. At this age, we believe art making should be hands on, challenging, and fun. 

This class combines Art History with studio techniques, as well as instruction with different art materials that will keep children engaged as they learn. 

At the Space, we believe children should be introduced to famous artists of the past, studying their ideas and techniques as a way to develop a strong visual vernacular that will benefit them as they grow. 

While it is initially more difficult, we place a strong emphasis on working directly from life in every class we teach. Understanding how to translate a three dimensional object into two dimensions takes a cognitive leap that does not happen when merely copying from a photograph. 

During this course, we will encourage experimentation with regards to different materials, styles, and subjects. The class will culminate with a professional group show at The Space, where the students will attend their opening along with parents, friends, gallery owners and professional artists from the Bay Area. 

Mia, age 8

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