How it Works

Look through the ever expanding but always high quality list of artists we have working with us and choose someone you would like to connect with. If the artist has available time, we will set up an account and introduce you! VOXER is an audio visual application, you can use the  app to connect directly to the artist you have chosen to work with using the walkie talkie and camera. You simply send images of your work, both finished, and in progress, and the artist will respond with his/her thoughts, advice, ideas and critiques within the day! Send audio messages asking for specific technical advice, discuss conceptual ideas and approaches and begin forming a mentor/mentee relationship anywhere you live.

Sign ups are on a month to month basis, this includes 2 hours of VOXER time a month per artist.

To sign up, simply follow the link below and let us know who you want to work with, we will do the rest!

Price - $160/month

Sign up now!

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