The SPACE Mentorship Program

The Space Mentorship Program is a new and innovative way to connect emerging talent with established artists. At The Space, we are looking for different avenues to set up meaningful dialogues between artists, we are rethinking art education and adapting it to fit the time we live in.

The Mentorship Program is an intimate form of one on one communication that takes place via VOXER, a simple and free app available on all phones and devices. Just look through our roster of established artists, and pick one that you are interested in working with. We will set up an online account, where you will contact the artist directly through VOXER, showing them your work, getting valuable audio feedback and advice on a monthly basis. Free from the constraints of institutions, you will get real, truthful (sometimes raw) feedback on your work that is designed to help you grow while forming connections with professional Artists that are currently working in the field.


How it works

Artist List

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