To make organizing your event straight-forward we have created four base structures with set times and pricing. Any of these events can be customized to accommodate your interests and needs. 


The Space is currently booking private events no more than 2 weeks before the event date.


The Shindig

3 Hour Event

4:30-8pm window


The HobNob

5 Hour Event

4:00 - 9:00pm window


The Bazaar

6 Hour Event

3:30 - 11pm window


The Extravaganza

8 Hour Event

10am - 6pm window


**Price based on facility rental only. Access hours account for set-up and cleanup. Price does not include caterer, bar services, furniture rental and/or AV equipment rentals. Once a caterer is selected, renter must confirm timeline with the gallery. Non-profit rates are available to qualifying oranizations. 

If your event requires additional time, you may add onto the above package(s) in increments of 30 minutes.

$50 / 30 min

Should your event require hours that fall outside the above packages, you may book the gallery for custom hours.

Work with our curator to customize the look of your event by selecting specific artworks or artists from our extensive inventory. The Space will then arrange the artworks throughout the gallery, or a portion thereof.

Any regular gallery furniture including, desks, chairs, benches, may be removed and stored on-site.

Access to gallery DSL at current speeds. Additional networking may be required by renter.

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