The White Cube Challenge

Like many of you, the first thing I drew in art school was a white cube. 

There is nothing more mundane than learning to draw or paint a single white cube, in many ways it exemplifies the opposite of creative thought, it is more a question of math than art.

There is an objective way to look at a white cube. 

When a single direct light is placed on it at a 45 degree angle, we can simplify the cube into 5 distinct values, we can measure it’s angles, we can map out it’s vanishing points. The cube has all the building blocks needed for “ART”, but no inherent artistic merit of its own. It is dull, lifeless, and fills me with more boredom than going to the DMV. So naturally I thought to myself :

The White Cube Challenge is a juried Art Show where artists are asked to interpret a white cube subjectively, meaning we want to encourage you to view and depict a white cube in the most engaging and creative way possible. 

Cezanne once said that he wished to “astonish Paris with an apple”, 

your challenge is to do the same with a white cube.

All submissions are due by Feb1, 2019.

We will let you know in mid Feb if you made it into the show.

The inaugural White Cube Challenge show will take place in March 2019, and it's going to be awesome.. 

Please use the link below for all submissions. 

Include your name, email, dimensions and medium.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about The White Cube Challenge;


1. Can I add a cube to a larger narrative painting?

No. This should be a single object painting, please do not paint a giant white cube floating in the sky of a landscape or something similar.


2. Can I paint flowers on the side of the white cube?

No. That's just decorative. This is an exercise in creativity, you should focus only on creating an interesting cube, do not adorn it with something interesting from the outside.


3. Does the cube have to be white?

All color is subjective.


4. Wait, so, do I have to paint the cube white?

All color is subjective. White light contains all wavelengths of visible light. (Plus whats wrong with white? Robert Ryman loves white).


5. Is there a size limit?

Size is subjec…just kidding, no. Any size, format, medium etc… is fine. Work should be painted on gallery quality material, frames are not necessary but work should be professionally presented.


6. Can I paint more than 1 cube?

No. A cube is made up of six squares, depending on how you arrange them. You should only paint one cube though, don’t be difficult, it's not called “The White Cubes Challenge”.


7. This is a juried show?

Yes. We have some very well known jurors, we will announce them soon.


8. Can I win $?

Yep. The winner gets a significant cash prize, plus we will offer them a solo show at our gallery. 


9. So, just to be clear, does the cube have to be painted white?

Stop asking so many questions and Make Something.

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